Who Are You?

I used to ask myself a lot, “Who am I?” And when I first started to attempt to answer this question, I’d say things like, “Well, I’m Travon. I’m a United States Marine. I’m Staff Sergeant Taylor.” But listening to myself say that didn’t seem like a sufficient answer for me. So I would ask myself again, “Who am I?” Then I’d say, “Well I’m a dad. I’m a state champion boxer.” Surprisingly, that still wasn’t enough for me for an answer. As significant as these things are, I realized those are not the core of who I really am. So I started searching.

During my search, I realized some truths about myself and about life in general. I stopped identifying myself with my occupational position. You see, being a United States Marine is a title that I hold proudly and dearly, but I knew in my deeper self that I was more than that. I stopped identifying myself with my accomplishments. My accomplishments and my failures are only a product of who I really am inside. I realized if I can only understand who I was, if I can only have my eyes open to who God has made and designed me to be, my whole life would change. My economy would change. My relationships would change. Everything I needed to live a prosperous life would be attracted to me.

So I say to you, stop asking for handouts thinking somebody owes you a living. The world doesn’t owe you anything but oxygen, and as long as you have breath in your body, the responsibility is yours and yours alone to take advantage of. You are capable of anything, and nothing is impossible for you. The only limitations that we have in our lives are those that are self-imposed.

Stop worrying about who the president is. Stop worrying about what your neighbors are doing, what your coworkers are doing, and everything outside of yourself is doing. They have no control over your life and you have little to no control over theirs. The only power that man has over you is the power you submit to them.

What you do have power over, and what you can master is YOURSELF.

If you don’t like your circumstances, change yourself. If you don’t like your personal economy right now, change yourself. You are the master of your own soul, and as soon as you figure out how to get your own soul under control, you can master life. And then and only then will your circumstances change. My favorite book says, “Prosper even as your soul prospers.”

Refuse to submit yourself to being a victim of your circumstances and your environment. Your circumstances and your environment are only a reflection of yourself, your thoughts, and your decisions. You have the authority to change your circumstances and your environment when you understand the capacity of your purpose and your potential and, when you develop an ambition to achieve it.

Don’t ever just wish life was easier, wish you were stronger. And don’t just wish you were stronger, make yourself stronger. When you work out, it’s not the first couple of repetitions that get you the results you want. Anybody can do a few repetitions. It’s the last repetitions that get you the strength that you need. It’s the last mile when it begins to burn that gets you the endurance that you need. You don’t start getting stronger, you don’t start getting faster, you don’t start getting better until it begins to hurt. When you start breaking down that old tissue and replacing them with new, stronger tissue that’s capable of withstanding more weight, run longer distances, and be more efficient—this is the point when you begin to stretch yourself, to push yourself.

Don’t be afraid of resistance. Don’t be afraid of adversity. They arrive to promote you and propel you to new levels. So I freely, and confidently, and without question, tell you now that you are enough. You are capable. You are Batman. You are Superman. You are Wonder Woman. You are the Black Panther. You are a champion. You are the head, and not the tail. You are the commander of your integrity, the master of your economy, the ruler of your prosperity. Emerge the diamond. Become the lion, roar until the prey bows at your feet and yields its meat. And I promise you that you will eat until your soul is satisfied.

So now I ask you, who are you?

If you like what you’ve read and think it would be awesome to do this journey together, download my book Success Chasing You via SuccessChasingYouBook.com or travontaylor.com. Speak with you again soon!

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