The Rat Race and Its Many Traps: Get Out and Live Your Full Potential


Here’s quite an animated story to help us draw a bit of wisdom today: Akid was playing by a pond, having a great old time on a beautiful day. He sees this gorgeously hued fish, and exclaims, “Oh, wow, look at this fish.” The fish was darting around, showing his brilliance, going in circles back and forth. The kid goes on to wonder, “Oh, wow. This fish is so fast.”

He watched this fish for a little while, and was so intrigued that he went home, grabbed a net, and went back over to the pond to catch this fish. Now, he had to sit there and wait for a second. He took a couple of swipes at it, finally caught this fishwith his net.

He goes on to speak to the fish. “You’re going to really love it out here. Not in that dirty, old water. Why don’t you play with me out here? Look at this nice grass. Look at the trees. I’m going to call you Mr. Wiggles because you’re wiggling all around in this net, and I know you’re just dying to play with me, right?” The kid then puts the fish in the grass, and so he says, “Let’s play tag… tTag, you’re it!” He tags the fish and he starts running, and so he’s trying to run around. He’s like, “Oh, man. You’re not going to catch me.” He looks back and he sees the fish just kind of flopping and struggling in the grass, and shouts back, “Come on, Mr. Wiggles. Don’t you want to play with me? What’s the problem?”

Right around this time, our little boy’s dad shows up. He says, “Hey, son. How’s it going? What are you doing?” The kid replies, “Hey, I just found a new friend named Mr. Wiggles. Dad, he’s amazing. Look at him. He was just in the water and he was so fast in the water, I thought he would want to play tag out here. It’s so much better out here than that dirty, old water. Right, Dad?”

Surprised, his dad reacts, “Son, no. This fish can’t be out here. He needs to be in the water.” The dad grabs the fish and throws the fish back in the water, and immediately the fish goes back to his brilliance, and starts swimming with vigor, whirling in water, finally scurrying off.

Here’s the heart of the matter: How many of you feel that you’re like that fish out of water? How many people have come to you and told you that you need to be somewhere else to enjoy all the fun there is to be had?

I’m sure you’ve heard all these statements like, “Oh, it’s great over here. The grass is greener over here,” but while you’re there, you feel like you’re out of place, but you’re pretty much doing it because someone else told you that this is where you need to be.

However, upon reflecting, you feel that you are totally out of place, and there is much more for you. I remember doing things that I felt I wasn’t really me, but I was on a sort of automated course like a conveyor belt. This is what everybody else is doing, and this is the way to go. It’s as though there is just one way to maximize your life: This how I should invest my money, this is how I should be spending my days, and maybe I should work here and do this, thinking the benefits are good here.

A lot of ‘shoulds’ are hovering in our horizon.
It goes back to social programming: When we allow people around us to influence how we should be living our lives. This is a very powerful, yet quite horrible; epidemic that’s affecting pretty much everyone in this world. “You’re going to get up in the morning. You’re going to go to school, graduate from high school, study a bit more then graduate from college, then get a good-paying job. You’re going to get married and have kids, and you will need money to support them. Eventually you retire, then you’re going to die happy.”

Oftentimes, we get caught in this mental mindset that this is what life is supposed to be for everyone, and we default to this as our only option.

A lot of us call it the rat race; you’re going through the motions with social programming, and you feel that there’s no way out. You’re doing a job that you really don’t want to do, and you’re nowhere near fulfillment. You have to pay your bills,take care of your family, and so we get stuck in this hopeless hamster wheel.

I’ve realized that I’d rather live 10 more years doing what I love to do then die with happiness and fulfillment,than live another 40 years of just trying to survive.

There’s so much more that you and many of us are capable of. If you’re not living your life to find what your highest potential is, I’m telling you right now: You’re not really living life. It is in the pursuit of your passion that makes life worth living.

There’s so much joy and excitement and peace in the pursuit of a goal, more so than even the attainment of the goal, but the pursuit of the goal is what gets us up every morning. It’s what gives us energy to continue living another day. That is where true magic is.

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