International Speaker and Leadership Trainer

Travon has traveled the world and has spoken on some of the biggest stages ranging from 10,000 attendees to intimate classroom settings. He is a profound, passionate speaker, and teacher in leadership, team building, communication skills, living a purposeful lifestyle, and relationships.

As a former leader in the United States Marines, Travon has had valuable training and life lessons on how to motivate and inspire a individuals to be at their very best. Travon can show any leader how to get the best out of each member of your organization for optimal results or just be a better leader at home.

Team Building
Living in oneness is Travon’s core Philosophy. He believes in uniting everyone on a team to have one mind to accomplish a common goal. “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Travon teaches comprehensive strategies to get individuals on one page and work together like a well oiled machine.

Effective communication is the glue that holds all levels of an organization together, functioning efficiently, and keeps an organization growing without limits. Travon’s effectiveness as a communicator has influenced positive changes in organizational and governmental policies, grown non-profit organizations 300%, and has taken him around the world. Travon can teach these communication methods to your organization and help you understand the different communication styles so everyone involved can function on one page for maximum efficiency.

Living on Purpose
Travon is passionate about living life based with the foundation of your passion and purpose. He has an amazing gift of helping individuals hone in on their true strengths and guiding them to centering their life to achieve authentic happiness and fulfillment.

Building and nurturing meaningful relationships is the core foundation to life for every human being in both personal and professional arenas. Powerful productive relationships are more valuable than any materialistic asset you my acquire. Travon understands the concepts and structure of building and maintaining both personal and professional productive relationships. In his book Success Chasing You, Travon dedicates a chapter to the subject of relationships.

“If you want a speaker who delivers from the heart, who has vast experience and is devoted his life to serving others with strength, passion and leadership, look no further. Travon will deliver!”

Theresa Barnabei

National Speaker and Best Selling Author of

Multiply your Real estate Business

“I had the good fortune to hear Travon Taylor speak recently and I honestly say that it changed my life. Travon is a passionate speaker and author with the ability to relate to his audience while delivering a powerful message. I look forward to reading his book and hearing him speak again.”

Tim Ralph

Advertising and Marketing Executive

“Travon is on of those RARE speaker/trainers who connects with his audiences in a way that advances their technical understanding of the subject matter while also helping them get to the heart of the matter! This is RARE, and is probably a GIFT! Travon IS a RARE and GIFTED speaker.”

Brian Nieves

MO. State Senator (Ret.) International Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Consultant

“The first time I met Travon, I knew there was something special about him. I’ve met a lot of speakers and Authors during my 30 years of experience, and there are some people who’ve just “got it,” and Travon’s “GOT IT”!

Gerry Robert

Speaker and International Best Selling Author of The Millionaire Mindset, Multiply Your Business, and Publish a Book and Grow Rich

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