I’m glad we have the time to speak today about LION, a company I founded which also stands for Living in One-Ness. It was created to foster living in unity in all areas and levels of your life.

Listen to my story: If you want happiness, fulfillment, or any kind of success, you have to have unity. Here’s a perfect example on the importance of unity: Have you ever stubbed your toe? Not even your big toe, but your pinky toe, that little toe. You know how it just throws everything else off? You hurt it really bad, then you’re trying to walk and you find out you can’t, wobbling every way. You’re grimacing, and it affects your mood and everything else. It just throws your whole body off because of that one little toe, because your whole body needs to work together in unison in order for it to function properly. If one little thing is affected, the whole system can be thrown off—that’s how important unity is.

Think coordination: The organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity, so as to enable them to all work together effectively. Again, the key concept is effectiveness.

Think of someone who is trying to dance without coordination, which is ultimately ineffective, not to mention embarrassing. It simply doesn’t work. Coordination is everything, as we work towards a specific goal to accomplish one thing: Single-mindedness, with everything working together to accomplish a specific goal.

I was in the United States Marines for 12 and a half years. The very first concept that they teach you is the concept of the team. You are not even allowed to say the word I—”I am doing this, I am doing that, I am going here, I am going there.” No. It is, “This recruit, this recruit,” to let you know that you are one of many, you are one of a team; you are one part of a bigger picture of a certain goal that you’re all trying to reach together.

Everywhere you go, you can never go alone. You have to have someone with you—a battle buddy, your partner that’s with you. No matter where you go, your battle buddy has to go with you. You can never go anywhere alone. Everywhere you went, your battle buddy had to be with you at all times.

One of the most major events that you go through in Marine Corps boot camp is called the crucible, a series of obstacles that’s designed such that it is nearly impossible to complete it alone. You have to go through as a team together.

Keep in mind all these individuals with different minds, cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, skin colors, and skill sets, to have to figure out to come together with one mind to figure out how to overcome this one obstacle that stands between them and the goal—to make it to the other side.

This is an amazing, powerful concept that they teach that we all must learn from: External unity and coordination with other people means absolutely nothing if you don’t have unity and coordination within yourself. If you’re not focused on where you want to go and what you want to accomplish; you will just be off to the wind.

Ever heard “If you want to kill a man’s dream, give him two”? Think about that for a minute; that doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple dreams—you just have to understand how to prioritize them.

Sometimes, I have so many things going on in my head at one time, going into a frenzy and I kind of freeze because I’m bouncing here and there, I can’t really organize my thoughts because I have too many things going on at one time. That’s when I have to stop, relax, and think about what I need to focus on first.

How many of you know people who think one thing, but always do something else? They’re double-minded; they’re just everywhere with their thoughts. They say, “Hey, I want to do this,” but they totally do the opposite. That’s what you call someone that’s double-minded. They’re just everywhere, and if you’re double-minded, you can’t get anywhere in life. Their thoughts are not coordinated. They can’t focus on one thing, so therefore they get nothing done.

Hear me out: We are made of three parts—the spirit, the soul, and the body. If you want true fulfilment in your life, all three of these factors and these entities must be working together as one. Your spirit needs to be in line with your mind and your actions must be aligned to both.

You can’t have your spirit in one place leading you in one direction, your inspiration, then your mind just totally doing something else, causing your body to go haywire; it has no idea what to do.

True fulfilment (and the often elusive true success) shows up in your life when you align all three—spirit, soul, and body.

If you like what you read here, download my book Success Chasing You. Go to SuccessChasingYouBook.com to download a free copy of my book and start aligning your mind, aligning your life, and allow success to hunt you down like a predator.

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